The Nobel prize 2021 in Physiology is closely related to the science of touch.
Touchology is based on the science of nerve fibres and specifically the C-Tactile (afferents) nerve fibres.
C-Tactile afferents (CTs) innervate the skin of mammals. In humans CTs respond optimally when the temperature is neutral, pressure is light (loving) and velocity is around 3cm per second.
There is a positive correlation between CT firing frequency and people's sense of touch pleasantness.
Nerve signals (CT neurons) stimulate primarily the brain’s rear insular cortex. Where an increased activity is associated with extreme pleasure ( eg. Falling in love, orgasm, beautiful experiences).
First discovered in cats/rodents 1939.  
Believed not to exist in humans. 
Found on the face of humans less than 30 years ago. 
Found on all parts of the human body (apart from palms of hands and feet) less than 20 years ago.

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